Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Waterloo Engineer Makes $30 A/C Unit

Using water is a heat sink is a brilliant idea. I've been thinking about how to install some sort of similar unit in my home but rather than using a cold garbage can of ice water was wondering how I could use the incoming cold water supply for my house as the heat sink. In so doing I'm getting free cooling ability out of the water that I am using anyway.

I'm no inspired and just maybe will get something all put together over the summer for a test demo. Until then, check out how this guy built his.

Here's the basic setup. The garbage can is filled with ice water, which is then fed by gravity (a siphon) through the copper tubing coiled along the back of the fan. The hot air passing through the tubing warms the cold water, cooling the air. Waste warm water is then pumped outside.

The system will cool an average room to a comfortable level in approximately 15-20 minutes. Depending on flow rate, a full bucket of water will last approximately 1-3 hours.

It doesn't rip quite as hard as central air, but for less than $30 CAD I'm not complaining.

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