Monday, January 09, 2006

In Cambodia

Good evening ladies and gentlemen!

Jessica and I are loving our trip!

We've been in Thailand since January 1 and spent the majority of the
time visiting my dad in Kamphaeng Phet, which is in the central part
of the country and some friends, including our good friend Kittikarn
who took us to Uttradit where we stayed in her wonderful Thai house
and ate some awesome food!! We had a lot of fun with my dad although
it was more of a western type experience than what we experienced with
Kittikarn. Arman was with us the whole time and we
had a blast, including a visit to Myanmar (formerly Burma) for a day,
the hot springs, the Unesco site in my dad's town and more.

Yesterday we returned to Bangkok and today we flew to Phnom Penh and
then took a bus with the Rith Mony Transport Company to Sihanoukville which is down in the south, thanks to
Arman's recommend. Suffice to say this place is beautiful and is
quite fortunately yet undiscovered by the masses. We are staying in a
thatched roof bungalow on the hillside overlooking the ocean for a
whopping $10US per day at a place called Cloud 9. We'll send photos tomorrow of the sites and
if all goes according to plan will meet up with Cam and Andrew, who
have been in Asia for almost 2 months now, tomorrow or Wednesday.

We plan on spending the remainder of our time here and will return to
Bangkok on January 19 for our trip home. I know, that may sound lazy
to some of you but we decided that it just wasn't worth our while to
be rushing around from place to place on this trip.

More updates will follow shortly.

Ewen and Jessica

ps. it's in the low 30's here today... and there's no snow in the forecast.